Plenary speakers.
The following top-level European experts in the field of reaction and process intensification give plenary lectures  (à 1 hour) on their specialization topics:

  • Prof. Laurent Falk, Université de Lorraine, Nancy:  Interaction of process intensification and process systems engineering
  • Prof. Roland Dittmeyer, Karlsruhe Institut fuer Technologie (KIT):  Microreactor structures
  • Prof. Juan-Garcia Serna, Univ. Valladolid
  • Prof. Milos Marek, Institute of Chemical Technology, Praha:  Monoliths and microreactors
  • Dr. Georgios Stefanidis, KU Leuven:  Process intensification perspectives
  • Prof. Leon Lefferts, University of Twente: Structured catalysts and catalytic reactors
  • Prof. Adam Harvey, Newcastle University; Novel chemical and biochemical reactors through process intensification.

Keynote speakers.
The following keynote speakers are invited to give a lecture (0.5 hour) on their specialization topics – from catalyst materials, kinetics structured reactors, process modelling to biomass conversion.

  • Prof. Ville Alopaeus, Aalto
  • Prof. Tuomas Koiranen, LUT
  • Prof. Juha Lehtonen, Aalto
  • Dr. Sébastien Leveneur, Université de Rouen
  • Dr. Teuvo Maunula, Dinia-Ecocat
  • Prof. Dmitry Murzin, ÅA
  • N.N. , Alfa Laval, Sweden
  • Prof. Tuomo Sainio, LUT
  • Prof. Tapio Salmi, ÅA
  • Dr. Pekka Simell, VTT
  • Prof. Juha Tanskanen, UOulu
  • Dr. Sami Toppinen, Neste Jacobs
  • Prof. Ilkka Turunen, LUT

NORES Program schedule, ( Download program here )

Sunday 14th June

12.00-    Arrival
16.00    Registration
17.00    Opening of the symposium (prof. Ilkka Turunen)
17.20    PL1: Prof. Laurent Falk (Univ. Lorraine)
18.20    PL2: Prof. Adam Harvey (Newcastle Univ.): Oscillatory Baffled Reactors: their Uses, and New Directions in Research

19.30 -    Welcoming reception with dinner

Monday 15th June

Topic: Advanced catalytic reactors, adaptable reactors & microreactors (chairmen prof. Juha Lehtonen & prof. Ville Alopaeus)
9.00 PL3: Prof. Leon Lefferts (Univ. Twente) “New Structured Catalysts with Enhanced Mass Transfer; Improve Selectivity”
10.00 KN1: Prof. Tapio Salmi (ÅA) “Nanoscale kinetic models of catalytic reactions”

10.30 Coffee break
11.00 KN2: Dr. Pekka Simell (VTT) “Application of intensified reactors to sustainable energy and fuels production”
11.30 Two presentations by young researchers:
Eero Salminen (ÅA): Biomass to value added chemicals: Isomerisation of α,β-pinene oxides over Supported Ionic Liquid Catalysts (SILCAs)
Christin Wagner (KIT): Isothermal reactor with multiple microchannel extraction points for the fast determination of reaction kinetics
12.15  Lunch
13.30 KN3: Dr. Teuvo Kilpiö (ÅA): “Modelling of micro-scale monolith and laboratory-scale packed bed reactors: Case studies for oxidation of ethylene and ethanol and hydrogenation of sugars”

14.00 KN4: Dr. Teuvo Maunula (Dinex-Ecocat) “Intensification of catalytic aftertreatment systems to meet future emission limits for NOx, PM, CO, HCs and CO2 in mobile applications”
14.30 KN5: Prof. Jyri-Pekka Mikkola (Umeå) ”SILCA: Supported Ionic Liquid Catalysis in terpene conversions”
15.00  Coffee break
15.30-16.50 Four presentations by young researchers:
Daniela Schurr (KIT): Enhancement of a laser Raman system for the application on two-phase reactions
Cesar de Ajuro Filho (ÅA): Millireactor technology applied to the kinetic investigation of fast reactions: Dehydrochlorination of 1,3-dichloropropan-2-ol for the production of epichlorohydrin
Martin Siebert (KIT): Inkjet Printing and Magnetron Sputtering of Intermetallic Catalysts into Micro Channels for Selective Hydrogenation of Acetylene
Pasi Tolvanen (ÅA): Epoxidation of Oleic Acid Assisted By Microwaves For Development of Biolubricants

18.00 Dinner

Tuesday 16th June
Topic: Flow chemistry, reactor modelling & process development (chairmen prof. Tuomas Koiranen & prof. Ilkka Turunen)
9.00 PL4: Prof. Roland Dittmeyer (KIT)

10.00 KN6: Prof. Tuomas Koiranen (LUT) "Is there a place for the Process Inhibition in the world of Process Intensification?"

10.30 Coffee break
11.00 KN7: Prof. Ville Alopaeus (Aalto) “Micropilot as a process development tool"
11.30 Two presentations by young researchers
Erfan Behravesh (ÅA): Millistructured flow chemistry for oxidation processes of molecules from biomass
Andrea Perez Nebrera (ÅA): Continuous reactor technology for production of platform chemicals from polysaccharides
12.15 Lunch
13.30 KN8: Prof. Ilkka Turunen (LUT)
14.00 KN9: Prof. Tuomas Koiranen (LUT) “PI-Nordic: Strategic research and innovation platform for process intensification and innovation in process industries”
14.30 KN9: Dr. Petri Tervasmäki (UOulu) ”Recent developments in bioreactors”
15.00 KN10: Dr. Sébastien Leveneur (INSA Rouen): “"Multiphase reactor system and multiple reactions From thermal safety assessment to process intensification".”

15.30 Coffee break
16.00 – 17.00 Three presentations by young researchers
Francisco Vidal Vazquez (VTT): Reactor design and catalysts testing for hydrogen production by methanol steam reforming for fuel cells applications
Mei Han (LUT): Study on the performance of an Internal-loop airlift reactor with CFD simulation and PIV experiment
Nicola Gemo (ÅA): Batch, semibatch and continuous reactors in the direct synthesis of hydrogen peroxide

18.00 Visit and Dinner in the reindeer farm

Wednesday 17th June
Topic: Microreactors, advanced reactors & reaction and separation (Chairman prof. Tapio Salmi)
9.00 PL5: Prof. Milos Marek (Prague Inst. of Chemical Technology)
10.00 KN11: Prof. Tapio Salmi (ÅA): Preparation of chemical intermediates by micro- and milliscale reactor technology
10.30 Coffee break
11.00 Two presentations by young researchers:
Yaseen Khan (Aalto): 1-butanol dehydration in microchannel reactor: 3D transient simulations with Comsol Multiphysics
Sabrina Schmidt (ÅA): Microreactors for synthesis of methyl and ethyl chloride

11.45 Lunch
12.45 KN12: Prof. Juha Lehtonen (Aalto) “Coating of microchannel reactors with supported metal catalysts”
13.15 Workshop
15.45-22.00 Panning for gold in Tankavaara gold village and symposium dinner

Thursday 18th June
Topic: New forms of energy, extreme conditions (chairman Prof. Jyri-Pekka Mikkola)
9.00  PL6: Prof. Georgios Stefenidis (KU Leuven), “Microwave-assisted reaction and separation processes”
10.00 PL7: Prof. Juan Garcia Serna (Univ Valladolid):  “Supercritical technology in chemical engineering”

11.00 Final discussion and symposium closing (Prof. Tapio Salmi)
11.30 Lunch
17.00 Departure to Ivalo airport